Options Incorporated is a consulting company that provides comprehensive professional services in all phases of business development from project scoping through consolidation and completion. Our consulting team supports clients throughout North America by embracing use of hybrid systems and virtual technologies.

Our unique team excels in merging our skills and experience with our clients' corporate cultures to develop, modify, or enhance organizational systems and programs to successfully assemble customized solutions. Our primary focus of prevention of musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) injuries, improving work environments and enhancing productivity is naturally integrated into change management opportunities. This focus specifically includes ergonomics (physical design), human factors (usability), and system audits (risk management systems).

The diversity of our team also allows clients to benefit from our depth of experience within communications, data analytics (trends analysis and reactive risk identification), and business advisory services. Our consultants are able to both function as subject matter experts or as part of a larger consulting team for a macro level, systems-based solution.

Our Systems Approach

Options Incorporated Ergonomic System Infographic
Options Incorporated Ergonomic System Infographic.